Thursday, March 31, 2011

Guilty Pleasure Thursday

1. Burned 3425. Woo!

2. Gerbes run before SEVEN this morning, where the regular lanes were closed and two checkers were standing bored by the self-check machines that were totally full. That's customer service, people.

3. I love big, thick pens. PENS. Stop being dirty.

4. Perfume: Chanel Chance. Glass bead stretch bracelet with red cardinals painted on each bead; baseball-themed charms hang between each bead (catcher's mask, enamel cardinal, white bead that's a baseball; bat; batting helmet; StL Cards logo; catcher's leg shields and chest guard). Silver necklace with a flip-flop pendant that says "I [heart] [baseball]"; stained glass heart earrings. Hair was down but it's driving me crazy so it's in a low pony.

5. Everything fell out of my awesome purse two weekends ago and I've been too lazy to reinstate the inside. So I dread having to find anything in there. It's all a total mess.

6. Google Translate KILLS me. I looked at a Serbian scrapbooking studio blog post and translated it to English, and it has such choice phrases as:

"And there waiting for me a great task for which the Crochet hooks graciously offered to help me, and that is to determine which yarn for what it is used."

Even me and husband happy speakers for 'lop top' as we call it for kicks, so we now have solid state sound, which we endlessly go on my nerves, so I'll be in real music that I enjoy."

7. I've never been so happy to pay my bills as this morning!

8. After work: home to a yummy meal and the tail-end of the Cardinals game. We lost, but I am SO happy that it's baseball season!!

9. Neil used this carpet refresher powder stuff when he Dysoned the apartment, so now it smells like a scrapbook store. I love love love it!

10. I was asleep by about 10:30! progress!

11. P.S....Guilty Pleasure refers to the ganachey cake I had at work for Lois' retirement party, and then the Jersey Shore reunion on MTV.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's-Only-Wednesday? Wednesday

1. Burned 3455 today! I am determined to burn 1000+ every day this week...

2. Hard Candy perfume; gold "G" and pearl necklace from Lily; burnished dark gold stretch bracelet with dark yellow rhinestones; tiny copper earrings in the shape of Coke bottles, from Mom. I HATE this perfume. That's the last time I buy perfume from TJMaxx because I like the bottle. It has a baby-powder overtone and I HATE that smell, on anything but babies. It's being trashed as soon as I get home. (OK let's be soon as I remember, which could mean 2012.)

3. At work by 7:00 this morning. Wowie. I do love this quiet, though...and it's less creepy than staying late knowing that I'm the only one left.

4. I love so much about my tab, but the touchscreen space bar is barely bigger than the other letters.

5. It excites me so much when Pandora kicks it off with three songs in a row I LOVE!

6. I feel like an incredible scrapbook page can be completely ruined by idiotic or misspelled journaling.

7. Don't people realize that when they whisper, it just MAKES other people listen harder to their conversation?

8. 9:41 PM. So, so tired. Bedtime by 10:30 tonight?

9. Idol - my favorites were pretty sick. Whitest-Smile-Ever-Paul was quirky and fabulous; Seth-Rogen-I-Mean-Casey was mellow and beautiful, and Angel-Jacob was out of control. He never sings songs I like, but he makes every song incredible anyway.

10. I used the iNeed massager after work and it was AWESOME. I'm unna do that every day my neck is sore.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gray/Reference Tuesday

1. Burned 3510 calories; yay!

2. Wearing Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume and a trifecta of jewelry from Handmade in Sherman Oaks (best store EVER, see?? midnight blue stone-bead bracelet with a glittery sheen, so it looks like stars (and some kind of animal bead I can't identify); big wire heart earrings studded with multicolor beads; and a simple circle epoxy necklace, reading "easily distracted," on a string. I'm also wearing my hair completely down. It's all kinda crazy.

3. Made it in early to work, so I'll make up the final bit of my Blizzard Hours by the end of this month.

4. Boss is out today: Good. ANOTHER meeting this afternoon: Blergh.

5. Tuesday used to be my favorite day of the week...I can't imagine loving another show with quite the passion that I do those Gilmores. Golden Girls is more like comfort food.

6. I waited through SEVEN PEOPLE to get privacy in the bathroom at work this morning. HAAAAAAAAAAAATE.

7. I often have hiccups upon awaking.

8. Had several ref questions and the aforementioned meeting today, so I couldn't get lost in cataloging like I wanted to.

9. It is now 10:46 PM; I want to be settled into bed by 11. (Update: DONE)

10. Colors I dislike together: purple and brown (lavender and brown is O.K.); purple and red; khaki and red (because they'll think you work at Target); pale pink (or peach) and red.
ALSO, I dislike in general: light red, berry, purple with more red than blue in it, forest green, tan, taupe, pinky-orange (i.e. coral), medium and cornflower blue, bright yellow, dark cream, light/pale blue, turquoise with more green than blue in it.
[NOTE: we were looking at 500 hex colors today. probably has something to do with this item.]

Monday, March 28, 2011

I miss Spring Break Mondays.

1. Burned 3497 cals! Love it when I meet my goals!

2. Good start to the day; I have a good amount of energy despite five hours' worth of sleep, and am actually in a fairly positive mood.

3. Mike Posner is kind of a stupid name for a "pop star."

4. Wearing Christian Audigier perfume, gold sparkly web-like earrings, and a pale green polished-roughish rock bracelet. I've decided I want more bold necklaces, and longer ones.

5. Whenever I get a message in gmail from DBRL, it says it's from "Daniel Boo." LOVE IT.

6. Being an organization/craft junkie, I'm surprised I don't like Martha Stewart more. I sometimes like her scrapbooking line, and I've tried to watch her show, but something about her rubs me the wrong way.

7. Lost a half pound this week. BIG OLE MEH.

8. HOLY CRAP. Found out my good friend Ali had a FREAKING BABY over the weekend!! Total shock, to her and everyone!!

9. I've been flabbergasted all day about this revelation, but now other, messy feelings are coming into play; hurt and anger and disappointment. I hate that my initial happy-shocked feeling is almost completely gone.

10. Intended to go to bed at 11 at the latest, but that did not happen. I was falling asleep at 9:15, so I told Neil I wanted to wind down, but it was like that very statement gave me a delayed second wind. Oh well. At least I'm almost completely done with my letter stickers...!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Taxing Sunday

1. Burned 2540.

2. Dressed for comfort today! Loungey pants all the freaking way.

3. The weekend has been a little less productive than I planned, but that's pretty much always the case. And the ridiculous snowstorm on Saturday threw everyone off.

4. Stopped by DBRL to pick up some holds, and chatted with my old co-worker Pam while there. She is the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet.

5. THEN, went to Dad's for some tax-doing. I don't hate it, I just dread it....but being in iffy financial straits, I was anxious to see what might be coming our way. Thankfully, the result may make seeing some friends in the near future more possible than I had thought. (I'm a-comin', Shanners! And Linz, I'm determined to set some aside for a November Disney trip...)

6. Brought home sandwiches for me and the hubs, and we watched some Big Bang Theory until I feel asleep straight through the third episode. I really like that show, honest!

7. TWO Sunday New York Times Crosswords! I couldn't finish either one on my own, but it sure is fun trying.

8. I'm pushing my bedtime again. GRRRR.

9. I save my Margarita-scented shower gel for the weekends. It is phenomenal. I love that you can even smell the salt.

10. SPEAKING of salt, who will help me invent a margarita glass whose rim automatically re-salts when it's gone? I'm only halfway through my drink by the time all my salt is gone.

11. Goals for this week: copy and mail off taxes; finishing details on letter stickers; finish 50s Ad Book.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Snowstorm Saturday.

1. Burned 2507 calories. OUCH. No concerted effort to exercise, but kept busy doing housework.

2. Slept in til 11:15, then a fantastic lunch with Morgan Inez at Addison's. I'm normally not a -Tini drinker, but I've learned that Black Cherry rum has the ability to make everything awesome.

3. Huge snowy stupid snowstorm right now. I'll be staying in the rest of the day, despite plans to stop at DBRL.

4. BUT, the cardinals are coming to our feeders in droves. I LOVE them! Especially when there's a spring training Cards game on in the background.

5. We completely changed Sean's cage last weekend, and he is acting so weird. Every day, he moves a tiny bit at a time--but always appears to be sleeping. So I'll look over and he's halfway through his half-pipe log and flattened like he's napping....then, fifteen minutes later, he's all the way through and still sleeping. I don't even get it.

6. I always get so excited when I remember it's time for the Sunday NYTX to be up online. (Saturdays at 5 PM.) I guess that's a testament to how NOT often I have Saturday night plans!

7. Took a huge nap today too, 2.5 hours...probably my body catching up with the sleep-beating I've given it this week. Made my Saturday a little less productive, but I still got a couple hours' worth of sticker-sorting done.

8. This was too boring a day to come up with ten items. :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wet, Snowy Friday: yuck

1. Burned 3158 cals. Not bad for a low-energy day.

2. Marc Jacobs "Daisy" perfume; Betsey Johnson bracelet with diner charms (pickle, salt and pepper holder, hot dog, fork, "Open 24 Hours" sign, tip jar, piece of pie); altered Scrabble pendant necklace of a Queen Anne chair; iridescent blue/black Owen Glass earrings from Poppy that they don't sell anymore (bummer).

3. I feel like today will be very long, and very useless, if I don't get moving on work. So hard to be motivated on a Friday...[update: it has indeed been very, very long. And very boring. And completely unproductive. Sighhh.]

4. I HAVE to get more sleep next week. I'm so pooped right now. I'm not up for exercise and have burned less than half so far of what I had burned yesterday by this time. I slept hard during lunch today, but woke up more tired than ever.

5. It is gross and gray and rainy and chilly outside. It matches my inertia/blahs.

6. I wasn't even hungry for lunch, but I ate it anyway. I'm sure, though, that if I hadn't I would have been starved when stopping by Gerbes after work--and going grocery shopping while hungry is always a disaster.

7. Weekend goals: complete taxes; DBRL run; Jersey Shore; start eBaying. Possible run to storage unit and complete stickers.

8. Inside Date Night with Neil; made frozen pizza and watched Jersey Shore. Then he went to bed and I continued my Stickers Project, accompanied by the always-reliable Golden Girls.

9. At what point does a hole in your sock constitute a relegation to the trash?

10. I haven't been drinking all 8 glasses of water lately. It's generally not hard for me to do that; I just need to drink more.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chilly Thursday

1. Burned 3622 calories today! Go, me!

2. DKNY So Delicious Spring Blossom perfume, ABC large sparkly round necklace, cute beaded earrings made to look like pencils, and Lily Dawson Designs multi-strand bracelet in brown.

3. I'm completely intrigued by people doing a "no-spending" month, and we are gonna try it, officially, for the month of April. I'm excited! I've Never been good with money, and I am looking forward to challenging myself this way.

4. I tried fresh pineapple last night. It was just okay. Too juicy and sweet; weird texture. I think I've only ever had canned.

5. Worked on stickers (Pink, Off-white, Purple) until 8, when I went to pick up Neil at Ellis.

6. Idol was NUTS. Stevie Wonder was brought in for Steven Tyler's birthday, Hulk Hogan showed up and James the screamer had a heart attack, and THEN Casey had the least amount of votes and the judges stopped him in the middle of his song and said "This is crazy wrong" and saved him. Casey turned pale and shaky and possibly near death. And I just read that he has received two blood transfusions already this season.

7. Baby carrots smell like vodka.

8. I started listening to The Carrie Diaries on audiobook, and so far I'm not sure what to think. Despite loving the TV show, I didn't like Bushnell's Sex and the City book...but since Diaries was in the YA section, I hoped it would be different. I'll give it a couple CDs before deciding if I want to give up. And I really hope she meets at least ONE of the SATC girls before the end!

9. I tumbled a newspaper-print fingernail polish idea from Epbot, and it got totally famous!

10. Neil showed me this astoundingly so-bad-it's-awesome video on youtube, "Friday" by Rebecca Black. Except that I think when I was thirteen, we liked songs that weren't much better. Tommy Page, anyone?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday So Tired

1. Burned 3171 calories today! I want to get to the point of burning 3400 a day, so this is good progress.

2. Gap's Stay perfume, deep purple flower Betsey earrings (I LOVE HER SO HARD), silver and glass Lucky necklace, silver beaded stretch bracelet from ABC. And socks I got from a London gift shop that say THE JOY OF SOX on them. (Also, unfortunately, wedgie-prone underwear.)

3. I'm trying to wear my hair down more often. On days when I wash it, I always keep it down for as long as I can stand it. I know how unflattering a ponytail is on me.

4. While I appreciate that many shirts are adopting the 'tagless' thing, the tag most of them install on the side-hem instead COMPLETELY ruins that pleasure. It scratches at me all day in a really weird place, and I can't even remove it--as I used to be able to with the neck-band tag--because it's sewn into the same stitch as the seam and if you take it off all the way there's a hole in the shirt.

5. I used to like meetings, or at least not mind them. But we have so many that I just roll my eyes when we have one. This and last week, we had a meeting almost every day. I'm looking forward to losing myself in Pandora and cataloging today.

6. Pie is a yummy-sounding word, but I still can't stand most of them. No cooked fruit, pleez.

7. While I appreciate the beauty and [sometimes] smell of flowers, I think they are a complete waste of money. I'd rather have a gift card to Archivers. :) Plus, they're just going to die and get worse and worse from the second you receive them! No thank you.

8. I wish I could multi-task in the shower. I think I wouldn't hate them so much if I could do something else in there. I used a fancy mint shower gel this morning that awakens pores like nobody's bidness.

9. WHY WHY WHY are Ugg boots still being worn? They look so sweaty, and are so hideous. Can't this be finished, please?

10. Man, I am craaaaaaaving sweet things today. I need to stay satiated or I'll fall off the wagon HARD.

11. I want to work at DBRL again, but I don't think they'll hire me. I hope they give me another chance if a position opens up.

12. I like several of the contestants on Idol this year, but I'm not excited about the show anymore. It's a huge commitment, and I have so many other things to do with my time. That's not to say Neil and I won't watch an episode here and's just not really a priority as it has been in years past. We caught the last half hour tonight, with blinding-white-smiley Paul, James the screamer, and weirdo Naima. I bet she's gone on Thursday.

13. I don't have a strong desire for a die-cutting machine, but if I ever do get one, I'd choose a Silhouette. No cartridges needed, baby.

14. I LOVE watching scrapbooking segments on HSN and DVR them if I can't catch them live. Also: digital scrapbooking is complete bullcrap.

15. Few things are less humorous than when people put word bubbles on photos and have the person say something that is never ever funny.

16. I know that the vast majority of scrapbookers have children, and naturally, their crafting is going to center largely on their kids. I just wish there were some scrappers I could get inspiration from that aren't always focusing on kids' stuff, because I can't really use that.

17. My hairdresser friended me on Facebook, which is cool--except her grammar and spelling are a disaster--I never knew this before. It's kind of making me not want to get my hair done with her anymore. Is that petty of me?

18. I don't know why everyone makes such a big deal out of bacon. It is too salty and fatty and chewy and burned. Good on Dad's BLTs, though.

19. Had a delicious brisket supper at Dad's, with Gilbert's MEAN margaritas and a game of spades, which my team lost. My favorite partner is Gil, and Lil's favorite partner is Dad, so except for the losing part, it was a good time.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Things

1. Burned 3064 calories, doing nothing but keeping busy. I'm okay with that. Eating went well all day, until late night when it all fell apart. :/

2. Eddie Bauer's Alpine Bell perfume today, PLUS dangly tiny-heart earrings, gender-neutral-ish Fossil bracelet, and a Betsey heart necklace Lily talked me into. I AM DOPE.

3. Really ugly morning. Felt left out of an impromptu meeting and took it out on a sweet friend.

4. Gray and warm....lovely outside....

5. Went to DBRL after work, then to Dad's for barbecued hamburgers on the back deck and a lovely sunset.

6. For once, I filled my car up with gas on the way home, so I won't have to do it tomorrow morning when I'll inevitably be running late!

7. I'm not currently reading a book actively, and I miss it. I'll probably continue with the great Kindle one I'm in the middle of (The Shadow of the Wind) today.

8. About five hours of sleep. I was on such a roll organizing letter stickers (finished: Blue, White, Red, Orange) and watched the rest of The Bachelor until the wee hours. So satisfying. But I know I can't keep doing this staying-up thing.

9. Got away with a nap under my desk at lunch, and slept surprisingly well....probably because it's kinda cozy under there as opposed to the curtained-off workout area in the warehouse/document storage area I usually rest in.

10. Played Spades with Dad, Lil, & Gil for an hour and we got virtually nowhere. It's always fun, but none of us were on our game and we kept forgetting when partners went nil and getting bags out the wazoo.

10-20 things

Those '100 things' were a lot of fun, and catered to my random tendencies and flighty thought processes. So I think I'll combine my 'health/weight loss' update with daily lists about my day, maybe 10-20 items. I've never been able to keep a journal with regularity, so who knows if I'll truly make it Daily...but I like the idea much better than a paragraph-y entry.

Monday, March 21

1. Burned 3071 calories. Not Super Wonderful, but not too shabby. Down a pound this morning from last week.

2. Completed sorting my Brown and Green letter stickers into binders [scrapbooking] while catching up on The Bachelor. Ashley H. didn't annoy me as much as she had in the past. (I know who wins, so I'm only really watching for the drama.)

3. Even though I was DOG-tired, I still didn't get to bed until after midnight, then up this morning at 6:30. Ugh.

4. I don't generally like new music, so discovering something I *do* like upon a first listen is pretty incredible. Last night it was "The Golden Age" by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, and I heard Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song" once on the morning commute and once on the evening commute. Loved it!

5. I played way too much Bubble Blast on my Tab. Can't decide if that's a super huge waste of my time, or a good relaxing go-to.

6. Decent day at work. Told our German intern/practicum student about cataloging, and she knew quite a bit already.

7. Wendy's Value Menu for dinner. Not the healthiest, but I was a zombie after work, so when Neil suggested he go get dinner, I was all about it.

8. Gorgeous day outside...of course, I didn't get to enjoy much of it. I wish JC weren't so hilly. Or trashy.

9. I ended an unpleasant friendship, and I have no regrets.

10. I wasn't as sad as I thought I'd be, but I think that goes along with my whole 'anticipation is always better/worse' philosophy.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Part 5 of 5!

81. My hair looks fabulous today.

82. I'm going to try and wear perfume every day this week. Today's is Juicy.

83. I don't know how to put on makeup or do hair. Or coordinate colors.

84. Unscented lotion is disgusting and disappointing.

85. Please don't ever play me music from someone who died young. I will never think of anything but their early death when I hear their songs, and it will make me really sad.

86. Know what else is disappointing? Gooey Butter Cookies from Schnucks. Sounds amazing, right? WRONG-O.

87. I have a shy cervix. So I'm told.

88. I sometimes think I bullshat my way through college.

89. I still get an electric thrill every time I see Rent. I hope it never stops.

90. My favorite Pandora stations are Cascada, Britney Spears, and Adam Lambert--all for desk-dancing purposes.

91. I pretend I recycle so people don't think I'm a bad person.

92. I had only ever heard Tia Carrere's "Ballroom Blitz" ("Wayne's World," party time, excellent), so it was simply a delight to hear Sweet's version on 105.5 Classic Rock this morning. Hilariously manic. Reminded me of Rocky Horror.

93. I asked maintenance to disable six sets of fluorescent lights above my cubicle so I wouldn't have to wear my sunglasses so much. Now my cube is lit by nearby fluorescents, a string of LED Christmas lights, and an Ott light in a lamp that I always forget to turn on. And I have indirect fluorescents under each of my two cabinets in case I need more.

94. I have thirteen 2011 calendars on display in my cube.

95. I'm on Reference duty today (3/22) and I hate it. Even if I don't get any questions. I hate knowing that at any moment, my flow could be interrupted by a high-maintenance, volatile, or annoying patron. While it wouldn't be a deal-breaker, my next job will Strongly Preferably be one with no reference involvement.

96. I want a golf cart when I am old.

97. I am stopping biting the skin around my fingernails right NOW.

98. I am so disheartened by Victoria Jackson. I can't believe I used to like her.

99. There's a reason I don't talk about politics. It's always unpleasant. But I had a great chat with Dad last week about mind-sets of Repubs vs. Dems, and I finally understand's the Individual Good versus the Greater Good. I'm not saying either philosophy is wrong, but how are we as a nation EVER to come together with such opposing viewpoints? It's night and freaking day!
Whatever, I'm moving to Prince Edward Island to be surrounded by Anne Shirley.

100. With my pickiness, I'm surprised I was never grossed out by runny fried eggs. Maybe because Dad always knew exactly how to cook them so all of the whites were cooked. Runny whites are DISGUSTING! Like snot.

Part 4 of 5!

61. I've been eating protein-y breakfasts lately, and I think it's the only kind that truly makes me Not Hungry until lunch.

62. My cottage cheese has gotta be room temperature. Other cheeses, I'm not so picky.

63. Also best at room temp: Shakespeare's pizza. But eating it hot is good, too.

64. I love hard salami, but not cotto salami.

65. I'm not hungry right now (see: #61), so why am I talking about food so much?
Something non-foody: my dad is in a theatre group with several other 60-ish year-old men. It is the cutest thing ever.

66. It was an almost-full moon last night when I got so sad, which was absolutely perfect.

67. I was a new guest in someone's parents' house once, and they had no toilet paper--only baby wipes. THE WORST.

68. I got three hours of sleep last night, but strangely have a lot of energy right now. I'm debating taking a yoga-mat nap at the moment, or ride out the energy til I crash. I think by taking a nap, it will spur on the non-energy.

69. I like PostSecret, but a senior my freshman year of college thought of it first, and made the secrets into an unforgettable exhibition.

70. I love that I'm wearing flip-flops today, but I couldn't nap because my feet were cold. I can't feel exposed or sleep is impossible. My dad is the same way.

71. Jiggling legs consistently is a good calorie-burner for me.

72. Miniature things kill me. Especially in jewelry form.

73. Mom used to make me temporary dolls out of her nightgowns when I was having trouble sleeping. They smelled just like her.

74. I love the feminine look of the numbers 7 and 9; always have.

75. Paths of numbers and yearly calendars have very specific shapes in my head.

76. I LOVE buttermilk but hardly ever buy it.

77. I love that water is now my preferred beverage.

78. My mind has a very detailed, entirely fictionalized-by-me location it goes to whenever I hear "Scarborough Fair." It's based on a background illustration in the book Outside Over There.

79. While I enjoy going to museums with people, I always like museums alone the best.

80. The only part of my visit to Paris I thoroughly loved was my self-lead walking tour of a cemetery.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Part 3 of 5!

41. I miss Pensacola, Right Now. It's an 80-degree day in March, and I'd like to wake up tomorrow and get my little short beach chair, a book, and flip-flops, and relax on that soft white sand alllllll dayyyyyy before going out to dinner with people I love best, and then back to the hotel for NCAA basketball and cards.

42. I don't hate Sunday nights as much as I used to, but they still suck.

43. I am on the verge of putting a bunch of stuff on eBay, and I'm dreading the stress of 'customer service.'

44. On the television now: our DVRed broadcast of College GameDay (Kirk Herbstreit, YUM) from October 23. It's good to see Columbia so green and spirited.

45. I can't even play video game golf. UGH. I hate sports where you have to have a gentle touch.

46. I think Ellen was the best Oscars host ever.

47. Baseboard dirt bothers me. But I always forget about cleaning it.

48. I judge people based on their scrapbook pages.

49. My boss, who used to be my biggest fan, isn't liking me these days. It sucks.

50. I adore my sister's boyfriend. He's gonna be an awesome brother-in-law.

51. I'm not sure what I'd do if I saw a stranger with a Grinnell shirt on. I hope I'd talk to them.

52. I can't decide if I would absolutely hate or love a cruise.

53. If I see Simon and Garfunkel and George Michael in concert, I will have completed my "Must See" collection. I've worked follow spot for Garfunkel, but that's like eating whey without the curds, amirite?

54. Speaking of collections, I collect Celebrity Touches. I don't have too many, because mostly I have to do it subtlely, and I'm shy. So I wasn't gonna attack Boy George with a hug or anything.

55. I work with two ladies who are kind of prudish and easily shocked, and me and my other two librarian colleagues entertain ourselves by suddenly saying dirty things in front of them. They ALWAYS turn red!

56. While I would PLOTZ if Neil and I moved somewhere nearer to an Archiver's and an IKEA, I know it would be dangerous financially. :)

57. I don't do jigsaw puzzles much anymore, but I miss them. Preferably neatly arranged groups of like/themed objects together on a neutral background. No photographic/realistic landscapes (animated is okay), no KITTENS, generally no flowers, no big hunk of solid-colored impossibility. Just a relaxing, 500 or 750 piece work of jigsaw perfection.

58. Speaking of animation...I pretty much dislike all animation meant for adult consumption. So, so, so stupid. I think Family Guy is the only show with any smarts, but that's probably because they do musicals all the time (and I don't watch it much, either). Simpsons is idiotic, and South Park is only good when they're skewering religion or during a Christmas special. And good lord don't get me started on King of the Hill.

59. It pisses me off that white-trash, down-home humor is becoming mainstream. And that NASCAR gets as much coverage on ESPN as March Madness these days. Acting dumb is never funny, and driving an effing car isn't athletic.

60. I'm all riled up now! Let's finish with something I like.
Pulling the curlies at the nape and sides of my neck, like I'm doing right this minute. It's comforting, slightly painful, and utterly satisfying. I can't believe there was a time when I had a tender head.

Part 2 of 5!

Those first twenty were kind of easy, but I had to step away and come back for the last few. I bet it's just gonna get tougher.

21. I really, really don't like movies that make me cry, when I feel like they're manipulating me to do so....when I feel the movie isn't worth my crying energy. So I don't mind crying at "Brokeback Mountain," because I think it's incredible. But when freaking "STEPMOM" makes me cry, I turn that damned thing off.

22. There's not a lot in life that's better than reading a book where you can't even turn the pages fast enough. Regardless of whether it's critically acclaimed...being engrossed in a novel like that is an incredible feeling.

23. I don't wear underwire.

24. I can't wear a nightgown with any sort of button, snap, zip, or other closure. Or anything that's more than one piece.

25. I wash my hair every other day, generally with a combo shampoo/conditioner unless my hair's colored. Yes, I know everyone says the combos are bad for your hair, but I don't put Anything Else on my head ever, so I figure it's an okay trade-off.

26. I can't believe anyone would prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate. It's a poor substitute. (And don't even get me STARTED on white chocolate. It sullies the NAME of chocolate.) Also, I like Hershey's best and I don't care who knows it!

27. My favorite cereal is Blueberry Muffin Tops. And Cracklin' Oat Bran.

28. I hold grudges for far, far, far too long. If you're reading this, I've probably unfairly held a grudge against you for something completely stupid. And I apologize. :)

29. No frozen pizza has ever tasted as good as the Red Baron slices sold for far too much money at the old Plaza Lanes skating rink snack bar when I was a young thing. Though Freschetta and Totino's come close.

30. I could never skate backwards though.

31. If I ever get the opportunity to live in or around NYC, I hope I never take it for granted.

32. I hate bowling, largely because I don't want a crowd of people looking at my butt in motion.

33. I'm tempted to do Couch to 5K. I want to see if I can.

34. I miss the Dancing units in gym class, despite the boys' sweaty hands and sometimes getting paired with someone I dislike.

35. In summer gym, we were often paired up and told to hold the person's feet while they did sit-ups. I got paired with a crush, and during one of his sit-ups he farted in my face. He felt terrible and apologized profusely, but the damage was done. I could never again look at him with anything but disgust. (Please note: if you ever fart in front of me, I won't be disgusted. This was just my 15-yr-old self.)

36. I wish I didn't get so jealous of everything.

37. I've just gotten rid of a bunch of books--either through selling or donating. It feels incredible to be finally getting control of them.

38. One of my favorite parts of nice weather is sitting on the front porch with Dad and any sundry kids at home, after dinner, while the boys enjoy a cigar.

39. Dick Cavett once smiled bemusedly at me.

40. I want to see "Twilight," finally. I resisted for a long time because I didn't want my experience with the book to be lessened, but now that it's all so ridiculous, everything is tainted anyway. I think it's all calming down a bit, and I can probably find it for free on one of our on-demand channels.

This is so subject triggers another memory or fact in that same subject, and since I have 100 to do, I don't really 'cut' many.

ONE HUNDRED! - part 1 of 5.

#100FactsAboutMe is trending on Twitter right now, and that made me think....could I even think of 100 facts about myself? Like....Interesting Facts?

Let's see. I'll do twenty at a time so it's not so imposing.

1. I used to bite my nails incessantly, and I'm mostly over that habit.

2. I only really like basketball when it's being played by the MU Tigers.

3. As much as I say I hate the sun, I'm liking it more every year.

4. I have a cross-stitch pattern of the Golden Girls I bought on Etsy months ago, that I'm dying to get started on.

5. I have a tumblr! It's mostly useless, but I like it. (

6. I have a serious addiction to, and insane backlog of, magazines. These include (but are not limited to) Shape, Prevention, Real Simple, Creating Keepsakes, Entertainment Weekly, OK!, Reader's Digest, Time, Grinnell Magazine, Midwest Traveler, Woman's Day, All You, Good Housekeeping, and even older ones like Jane and Budget Living. I've slowwwwly beginning to let go of some, but it's hard when I find good stuff in EVERY ONE I READ!

7. I can't get a tattoo tomorrow on the 5-year anniversary of mama's death. I'm sad, but also relieved that I won't have to go through it just yet. It may be more appropriate anyway to get it on Mother's Day or New Year's Day.

8. I play old video games, like Civ2 and Heroes of Might and Magic, when the rare urge hits.

9. I am an organization junkie. And a convenience-gadget junkie. Most of the time when I get in the mood for a household purge session, I get rid of a lot of convenience gadgets. It's a cycle.

10. I am dying to find a good calendar for my Galaxy Tab, but haven't found one that has everything I want: a daily, weekly, monthly, and separate to-do lists.

11. I never wanted an e-reader, but I use the Kindle app on my Tab incessantly.

12. Our DVR is constantly at 95-99% full....because of me. I'm fascinated/motivated by weight-loss shows like Biggest Loser and Too Fat for 15 and Ruby and Dance Your Ass Off.

13. I think I might like people more than I like to think I do.

14. Up until recently, I would count all syllables in groups of five, making a five-point star with my fingers to count. It was mostly when I read, but also when people spoke. It was a major distraction. But I can count syllables like nobody's BUSINESS on that one Brain Age activity where they have you count syllables fast.

15. I love it when men can act silly.

16. I miss working on theatre hard-core. I miss Jesse. I miss American Folklore Theatre. I miss MRTC and CEC and Maplewood. But I don't think it's worth trying to get back into it.

17. I apply lip balm and lotion all day. I used to put in eye drops all day, too, but I've switched to glasses lately. When I was in Florida last month, I hardly applied any moisturizing aid at all. (MISS YOU LINZ.)

18. I want a good back scratcher for Home (I have one at work). But when you really need a back scratcher, they are really, really hard to find. REALLY HARD.

19. I hate Christian fiction, but adore cozy fiction. I wish there was a good cozy series (not mystery) that wasn't Christian or otherwise religiously affiliated.

20. Alanis Morissette's voice makes me depressed.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bright-eyed; bushy-tailed

WOW! Eight hours of sleep! DAMN, I feel good today.

My doctor once told me to prioritize sleep over other healthful activities (like working out) because enough sleep is the key to everything. And of course, she's right...if I get five hours of sleep each weeknight (my average these days), I don't feel like doing *anything* the next day--including making an effort to put together healthy meals, which are, naturally, way more steps than popping a frozen pizza into the oven.

The problem is, I have severe night-owl tendencies, and I push and push that bedtime later every night...and I think, this week, it just all caught up to me. I'm sure I was genuinely a little ill, but I know part of that was my body telling me it needed to Rest.

So, not a bad day, not a great day. My boss has really been getting touchy lately, and while it may be my imagination, much of it seems to be directed at yours truly. And added stress is so no good for keeping to a routine. Just another trigger...if I'm not happy in other areas of my life, I'll GET happy by eating good (read: BAD) stuff. I only really had one indulgence yesterday, but I can see that being a slippery slope for me.

I'm also making a lot of time for reading lately. In the last ten years or so, my reading habits have come in spurts--I'll be obsessed with one book after another for weeks, or else I won't feel like reading anything at all and even my Entertainment Weeklies get stacked up for two months. But Neil's taking the Reader Advisory class, one that I LOVED, and we decided to read the books together, so we have our own little book club. I'm currently finishing Room by Emma Donoghue, an absolutely riveting thriller told from the point of view of a kidnapped five-year-old boy.

I love loving books!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Going through the motions.

I'm at work, but I'm not all here...

Tough day so with tummy issues. I didn't eat much during the day, then totally went against every rule for dinner at 63 Diner....I need to remember not to let myself get that hungry!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Don't Weigh In Every Day!

...Monday mornings only. REMEMBER THAT, GEN.

I did a little CARdio on the way to work, which helped get me energized. Still working on that "getting enough sleep" thing, though...only about five hours last night.


Later....much, much later.

Feeling so crappy. So disoriented. Slept HARD this evening when I sat down to read, and I'm hot, and I know I'm sick. But no sick days. hurray.

Just a little exercise today. Didn't eat a lot though.

Not a good day, not a bad day. Just a dizzy day.

I must to bed.

Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Disgusting Outside!

I didn't know it could rain slush. But here we are...

I don't like it when the ground matches the sky.

Or when it takes me an hour to get to work.

Or feeling major hunger pains.

BUT, it's a new week. And it'll be spring by the end of it.


So, today was a success! I ate normally during the day, just keeping track of my calories, and burned 1000 more (EXACTLY 1000 more!) than I ate. It was definitely tough after not having done this for awhile, and I *made* it tougher by not making super-smart choices earlier in the day. Normally I like to save my bigger meal for dinner, but I wasted a lot of calories on breakfast and I had to make it up later. I walked for a few minutes at work and for a lot of minutes at home, catching up on some Biggest Loser for extra inspiration.

I'm proud to have made it this far today--I left work a bit early because yesterday's illness was returning, and I worried I wouldn't be up for exercising tonight. I also skipped out on book club this evening for that reason, and while I was disappointed to not feel up to it, I also know I escaped some tempting snacks by not going.

More things I incorporated into my day that I want to continue: various bits of yoga; non-tech time (read: READING!).

Daylight Savings Time Can Go To Hell

Tomorrow is going to be Nasty.

It's almost 1:00 in the a.m. and I am not a bit tired. I was sick today when I woke up, so I took some congestion meds and went back to sleep...and had a verrrrrry lazy day thereafter.

I feel disgusting...disappointed in myself....lazy....and so, so, so fat. I don't like seeing people who haven't seen me in a few years because I'm sure they'll be thinking "Oh wow, she has gained WEIGHT."

It is so easy for me to forget my goals....forget how great it feels to wear skirts in the summer and cute jackets in the fall; to shop in the normal-sized section of Macy's and to give away all these clothes I hate.

But I HAVE to remember those goals. I don't want to face my next annual check-up with yet another not-loss, or worse, a 30-pound gain from last time. I don't want my doctor to tell me I'm pre-diabetic. I don't want to have a heart attack because my heart can't function properly trying to pump blood to my whole, huge body. I don't want to land in the hospital and worry my husband.

And I don't want to go shopping for clothes that are even bigger than the ones I have to wear now. The ones I HATE now.

I am so fortunate to have as friends people who DON'T make me feel ugly; who compliment my nicer clothes and say I look cute when I get my hairs cut, to have a husband who makes me feel beautiful and sexy every minute of the day. My yoga teacher takes me through moves that she knows I can handle, and I always feel strong and powerful with her, when I know I used to be able to do so much more.

But my body is rebelling now. My stomach is telling me not to fill it full of crap anymore. The skin there has new stretch marks. For the first time in my life, I have regular breakouts on my chin. I've passed another 'milestone of fear'...another number on the scale that was always so foreign, so out of reach, that I couldn't imagine ever getting there. And I HAVE.

AND I HAVE TO STOP. Caving into my cravings...letting even a day go by without some sort of exercise...letting myself mindlessly eat...and stop telling myself "okay, okay, just start Monday." I am SUCH a cliche. Everything weight-loss blogs or books or articles write about...that's my life. Am I a food addict? Probably. But I can't admit it.

My god, what will make me wake up? I have no major health issues; just inconveniences. Even reaching this milestone number didn't freak me out as much as it would have a year ago.

I'm trying this, again, again, AGAIN---and here, for accountability. I'm disappointed Atkins didn't work for me, so I'm going back to tried-and-true "burn more calories than I take in."

My regular goal each day is to burn 1000 more. If it's a weird day, like I'm sick or traveling or similar, I don't want to go below 500 more.

I hope I can keep my own promise to come back here once a day. If I don't, it means I didn't make my goal that day, and I'm ashamed of myself. And I am so, so tired of being ashamed of myself.

Thanks for being here with me. You're going to make this easier.