Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Quit.

I'd been having an okay week. I was sticking to the plan (mostly...Superbowl Seven-Layer Dip probably wasn't going to get me under my 20-carb limit!), and had re-stocked our fridge and my area of the cabinet with low-carb-friendly meals and snacks. I was getting used to this. I was never hungry and never really craving things uncontrollably, and I was kinda loving the 'no-exercise' aspect....more time to snuggle with the hubs and watch Jersey Shore!

I woke up this Monday morning, and it was like a Truck of Disgust hit me. It all sounded so revolting. Slim Jims for snacks, microwave sausage every morning, endless waxy rounds of Babybel cheese and foil triangles of Laughing Cow...rolled pieces of hard salami with cream cheese in the middle...even my beloved sour deviled eggs didn't sound good. I felt like throwing up, thinking of everything. That vomitous feeling continued throughout the day.

And then I remembered....this happened before. It's why I eventually stopped this diet, more than once. I remembered that when I'd felt it before, I tried and TRIED to overcome it....experimented with riced cauliflower, mail-ordered the best (and, generally, most expensive) sugar-free chocolate ever, ate more salads and veggies so everything wouldn't taste so heavy. But nothing worked, even after weeks.

And...call me a wimp....but I couldn't face that again. As much as I love the expediency of weight-loss on this plan (and as much as I love smothering everything I eat with melted cheese!), it just wasn't worth the suffering I was beginning to feel. I knew it would be fairly easy to get back into a lower-calorie groove, with my good friends at GoWear Fit (my calories-burned device) and Lean Pockets.

So, as of this morning, I'm five pounds down from my initial weigh-in, pre-Atkins. I have 2.5 seasons of Biggest Loser on the DVR to work out to, and 25 visits to the ARC to use up. It's going to be difficult, and it's gonna be slow. But if I'm GOOD, it won't be so bad.

Yeah, I know....I'm fickle. But I think I can definitively say that this was my last go at the low-carb thang.