Thursday, April 28, 2011

Social Wednesday/Ouchie Thursday

Wednesday, I got to sleep in a tiny bit (almost 8 hours! WOOO) and Neil dropped me off at Ellis for an RDA workshop (gag). (It's a new controversial system of cataloging.) Thus began my Surprisingly Social day.

I figured I'd know some fellow catalogers in the workshop, so I wasn't that surprised to see my former boss Corrie as we were looking for the workshop room. Then, it was pleasant to see fellow SISLT student Geoff, but not exactly a shocker since he works at Ellis as well.

Walking down the steps before lunch, I ran into my former Special Collections boss Karen, with her little ubiquitous bag of McD's. I then had an awkward, self-conscious lunch at the student union surrounded by hundreds of frat boys and skinny-jeaned/short-shorted sororstitutes...I HATE being the oldest person in a crowd...and, ironically because it's where I would have welcomed company the most, no social encounters there.

Neil came at the end of my lunch break to begin his work shift, so I got a little sugar there, and then it was back upstairs for the final segment of the workshop. I even made a new grumpy cataloger friend!

My instinct after these things is always to duck and run, but since I had to run an errand on campus, I stuck around until Neil was finished at around five. I went to Special Collections first, and had a freaking grand time with Karen, Erin, Kelli, the new Grad Asst (Amy, I think?), and especially my dear Alla, who looked tiny and stunning as usual. It even smelled good old books. Familiar.

I then walked over to Clark Hall, and stopped at a table inside to catch my breath and regroup (I am SO out of shape, y'all). I glanced over at the O.T. student slouched on the couch area, was Tina! Really good to see her again. I hadn't really talked to her in over a year, I think. We chatted about boys and brothers, and she said her class had watched some video put on by past O.T. students, and it starred my mama and dad! Tina said she was crying because she'd never heard Mom's voice before, and I remembered what an effect her voice had on me at the funeral when Kirsten played a radio interview Mom had given some years before.

Next on my list was to give Star/Shannon her Mamma Mia tickets, so I went up to the 7th floor after bypassing my old Center for Distance and Independent Study on the 1st...I was in a social mood, and should have dropped by to at least give Ellen a hug, but I was already running really late, so I didn't. Also I am not good with people.

Shannon was, as expected, star-studded, and after chatting for a minute, I took off. I walked uphill back to Ellis, panting and out of breath by the time I climbed the west entrance steps, to find Neil waiting and ready to go. My feet killed, so he went to get the car and picked me up.

This morning, Thursday, I expected my feet to hurt. They don't, much (except the constant nagging pain of the stress fracture or something that's on the top/side of my left foot), but my calves are burnin'! I really haven't been exercising much lately, I guess. I've been burning calories, but I wonder if it's just not enough. A few walks across part of campus never used to be enough to make me need to sit down and rest.

Not a whole lot of sleep last night (6 hours), so I'm taking a yoga-mat nap here in a few. Today's accessories: blue starry beaded bracelet, Lucky moon and stars necklaces, crazy blue drop earrings, Irresistible Apple Bath and Body Works perfume.

And tomorrow, we're headed to KC for a fun weekend! I bid super cheap on Priceline and got a ridiculous deal on that fancy Hyatt at the Crown Center. Whee!

My molar hurts when I eat sweet things sometimes. I worry that it is a cavity.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tired Tuesday

1. Burned 3400 C EXACTLY. I don't think I've ever done that before!

2. Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, silver teacup-and-spoon earrings, rainbow enamel necklace with a cloud at each end.


4. Finished my final big batch of single-colored stickers after procrastinating for days and days. Trying to decide if I should tackle multicolored letters or chipboard next. I think chipboard would give me more of a sense of accomplishment....I just need to get Sean's cage off the table to make room for my Container Store booty.

5. Is there anything better than a surprise gift in the mail? I am so amazed whenever I get one..."this person went to this trouble...for *me*??? FOR ME FOR ME???" One was waiting for me when I got home on Sunday (and the very best kind....with scrappin' supplies I can't buy for myself!!), and it charmed the pants off me. I pity those who become complacent at these acts of kindness.

6. Our TV is out of control. It takes about ten minutes to turn on, if it turns on at all, and it's only...two years old, I think? I thought you'd do us right, Samsung. We'll see how far your customer service takes us.

7. I joined Two Peas in a Bucket, hoping to get scrappy advice and share my own experiences, but I've found that they're a bunch of cliquey, bitter b!tches. I've attempted to ask, respond, and be friendly, but they don't talk to anyone who isn't already established. I'm disappointed, as I've heard so many rave about it. But it's just another time-waster I don't need, I suppose.

8. When I got in the car at 5, it was 70 outside. When I arrived home an hour later, it was 48. Missouri can soooo suck it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Back-to-reality Monday

1. Burned 3860 C (a new record!)...and my weight this morning completely reflected a gluttonous StL weekend.

2. I'm listening to a short-story collection during my commute, and this morning was a story called "Full Count." The title made me smile because I *love* full counts [in baseball], and about halfway through, the heroine describes how much she loves them too. And for most of the same reasons I do. Kindred spirit alert!

3. Alpine Bell perfume, Betsey earrings of little rubber duckies, multicolored beaded necklace from Hong's ($1.99! Score!).

4. I had a fantastic weekend...nice big hotel suite, Taxicab Confessions (How can you go to sleep when that's on?? Riveting!), yummy yummy food, cheap costume jewelry, Container Store madness, World Market, Emily-and-Noah-Time, and most importantly, meeting pretty miss Lucy Charlotte. Such a tiny little nugget. When I'm with my friends' babies, I just somehow can't believe that my dears MADE that kid. I mean....I make things, like deviled eggs and Altoid tin wedding invites and a coupon binder. But a little perfect child? Whoa.

5. I'm afraid I'm playing again. Computer games, that is. FB got a Hidden Object multiplayer game and it is AWE. SUM. It's a game I'd play online anyway, so it's not a total waste. But still--I need to not let this get out of control.

6. I've been frustrated with my jewelry organization, and did some fruitless searching for a hanging earring organizer (after purchasing a metal bulletin board at Container Store for my necklaces over the weekend). All I found were $50 displays that didn't hold many earrings. Then I thought--'what about a framed piece of mesh screen?' and got to work. I nailed Sean's cage cover to my closet wall, and begun hanging. I LOVE it. All my wire earrings are displayed in one spot, with plenty of room left over for new acquisitions, and there's still room below the screen for the necklace board.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weak-Ass Wednesday/Thursday

1. Burned not even 500 calories extra yesterday. Close to, though.

2. Yesterday, I didn't give a single crap how I looked. I'm better today. Juicy perfume, Betsey anchor/cord necklace, glittery blue starry bracelet, and, for the first time EVER, my bungee-jumper earrings! They have a long red stretchy cord, with a man dangling upside down at the bottom because he is bungee-jumping. It's the closest I'll ever come to it, and for this, I am glad.

3. It's been a pretty crappy week.

4. BUT, Em had her little Lucy Charlotte, who is beautiful! I wonder if that's why I'm so emotional?

5. I fell down yesterday, and my knee kills.

6. I'm shaky and weak and JUST ICKY. I don't think I'm sick...I just think my body's giving out a bit this week. Maybe it's trying to tell me to get in shape.

7. I got to bed well before eleven last night, but it still should have been earlier. So I think I got around 6.5 hours of sleep. I think maybe it's taking a toll on my mental well-being. I feel stupid.

8. We've had some weird schedules this week, so we just watched the first ep of Idol on Thursday night. Casey did Nature eerily beautiful.

9. I am so far behind on everything that I'm getting hopeless. They're all little things--piles of unread magazines, totes full of stuff to put on eBay, shelves of library books, a 99%-full DVR--but combined, it's stressful.

10. Why do cooked carrots taste so much more disgusting than uncooked?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trafficky Tuesday

1. Burned ??C

2. Extra twenty minutes on the road this morning. Standstill traffic on 63 = excellent way to start the day. NOT REALLY, NO.

3. DKNY Spring Blossom perfume; freshwater pearl neutral-colors bracelet from MO Botanical Gardens gift shop; Lucky (?) magnifying-glass-ish necklace.

4. I covered Reference yesterday and am on it today again. I hate it. you know this though.

5. Em's being induced today, so every time my phone makes a peep, I'm all a-flutter! Come on now, Lucy...don't give mama any trouble today.

6. I went to a French online scrap store called Le Temple du Scrap, and used Google Translate to see it in English. Under the "Tools" menu is an item called "Die TIM HOLTZ." Hee!

7. Week went downhill from here...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mild Monday

1. Burned 3548 C.

2. GACK my damned weight! I've joined a group online in hopes that it will help even more to keeping me accountable. Goal this week: 2 pounds gone. I put Calorific on my tab to track my calories, too.

3. CK Euphoria Spring Temptations perfume; Betsey enamel bangles (one black with red lips, one black with white bows); dark red diamond-shaped enamel earrings; hematite owl necklace.

4. Four hours of sleep last night. But I feel good at the moment. It was a strange, strange weekend (hence no blogging), and we all felt last night like we'd run a marathon or something--but in the end, it was wonderful.

5. Single-colored stickers are so close to being done! I would have finished last night, but it was already 1:30 and it would have taken me another half hour or so.

6. Was given uncalled-for crap by my boss the minute I was leaving work, which got me all out of sorts.

7. Neil was snuggled into his nap SO SO SO CUTE when I got home. I can't get over how adorable he is!

8. Wendy picked me up at 7 for Book Club at Amy's, where we pseudo-discussed The Invention of Hugo Cabret (amaaaazing book) and then mostly gossiped and ate. I was pretty good pickled egg, a few olives, a few crackers with Alouette, and only TWO of Amy's gorgeous homemade CC cookies. We had such a delightful time!

9. My Vanilla Mint ACT rinse reminds me of Peppermint Schnapps. In a bad way.

10. Dark purple tutus and matching purple Converse on twin toddler girls = eeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! *explode from adorbs*

Friday, April 8, 2011

Trudgey Friday

1. Burned ?? C

2. oh my GOD I feel sluggish today. I HAVE to get more than 5 hours of sleep every weeknight. It's affecting almost everything...I get nothing done during the week and I let 'my' section of the apartment get to be a cluttered disaster...I don't want to think about food any more than I have to so I turn to quick convenience foods, which for the most part equals fatty/caloric, which in turn makes me feel gross and guilty. I'm thinking about letting that be my goal next least 7 hours or so sleep a night, and burn from 500-1000 cals a day so that's not so much pressure. I've been told time and time again that when you get enough sleep, all other healthy things fall into place a lot easier.

3. Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, Betsey puffy heart-gold bow-sparkly blue flower necklace, and turquoise with silver filigree large round earrings.

4. The office feels like a coffin today. So interminably stuffy. Which makes desk dancing not so appealing.

5. I really, really hope this isn't the kind of day where I'm annoyed at everyone and everything. So far it ain't looking so good.

6. I'm beginning to enjoy the feel of earrings swinging from my ears. Yesterday I left my jewelry on until after 8 PM!

**commence nutso weekend**

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Sweater Thursday!

1. Burned 3694 C. But again, not so good on the eating front.

2. Nollie perfume, jade-green burnished gold drop necklace, big apple green earrings from that handmade show, and no bracelet because my New Sweater (striped beige, cream, and navy) is long in the sleeves and quite delicate.

3. I ALMOST finished the Friday NYTX all by myself!! THAT is a definite first--I usually can't get anywhere with it. I'm either getting better or that sh*t was super easy. Only Rex Parker will tell.

4. Switch two letters in Costumer and you get Customer. I BLOW MY OWN MIND!!

5. I recommended my sister's jewelry site to and they're interested!

6. Walmart after work for prescriptions, Central Dairy lowfat cottage cheese (IT IS NO LONGER LIGHT GREEN. I MAY BURST), generic lemon-lime soda, and too many freezer things (see ITEM 8).

7. Then, home for a few minutes of relaxation, burritos, parts of Seinfeld and Reba, and realizing I don't have enough freezer room.

8. 7:30 - off to Dad's to use his deep freezer for the extra items.

9. DBRL to drop off some horrible books, then to gather Neil from Ellis, who has a HOTT new haircut!! Home to Idol results (glad to see Pia go--she's good, but not entertaining) and a little Tradewinds Odyssey on MSN Games. So much for not playing computer games anymore. :-s

10. I hate my downstairs neighbor.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Low-energy Wednesday

1. Burned 3419 C! I was so sure I didn't get to my goal!

2. I feel sooooooooooooo sluggish this morning. I even contemplated taking the elevator at work--to the SECOND FLOOR. Ouch. I didn't, though, when I saw someone I didn't like also approaching them. I'll avoid an awkward elevator-conversation at any cost.

3. Bath & Body Works Irresistible Apple eau de cologne; twisty copper, gold, & silver bracelet; millefiori necklace; gold earrings reading "Yes" and "No."

4. My brain is also all mushy.

5. I don't want to do ANYTHING. I'm not in a bad mood, just a Nothing mood.

6. Lately I'm always cold when I wake up from my Luncheon Nap.

7. Dear people who have scary-loud/screamy sneezes such as the gentlemen in IT above our area: how does it happen that the people you are living with haven't killed you yet?

8. You know how copper can have a smell? Like the metallic smell of blood? My bracelet is smelling like that. It makes sense, since it's, you know, COPPER...but it's buggin' me.

9. Am I the only one who hates listening to the live version of some song, and the singer makes the audience sing it INSTEAD? Drives me nuts. I ain't here to listen to a bunch of yay-hoos sing "My Immortal," Amy Lee.

10. My elegant, statuesque, eternally immaculately dressed co-worker Anne calls me "Boo." I adore it.

11. The evening was full--I ran two errands, picked Neil [and the box of Sean] up, and we went to Dad's. Then we ran two more errands, got dinner, and watched an ULTRA-enjoyable Idol episode. Scotty BLEW ME AWAY with his Elvissy "C'mon Now Momma"--he is so sassy!! Paul was HILARIOUSly crazy with his "Folsom Prison Blues," and Casey got out the big bass. Loved it loved it!

12. Daddy dug a little grave on the side of the house, where we bury all the pets, and I asked everyone to name their favorite thing about Sean. Dad said he didn't really know a lot about him, Lily said "I"m not really sure which one Sean *was*," I said I loved watching him catch live crickets before he got spoiled and insisted on hand-feeding, and Neil said he liked it whenever Sean was on my shoulder looking at me. It was a gorgeous evening for a funeral. After, we sat on the porch with Dad and his cigar.

13. Not a great day for eating. At all. I'm afraid I've become kinda complacent lately....justifying not eating well because I've gotten good exercise each day. But it has to be a combination of diet and exercise, for me to get moving on weight loss. it just has to be.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cruddy Tuesday

1. Burned 3055 calories. Not great, but not bad.

2. Ice on my windshield in the morning always puts me in a bad mood. I was also running 15 minutes late. This, combined with two construction projects on 63 narrowing two lanes to one...a "You Suck" message from A. awaiting me in my work in-box....and, most jarring, news that an online friend hasn't awoken from her C-section last night...have all made for a terrible start to the day.

3. And I'm on Reference. Suckkkkkkkkk.

4. AND I had a very poor weigh-in this morning. I thought I'd done so well, too. :(
Looks like I'm gonna hafta start tracking more carefully.

5. Viva La Juicy perfume; matte silver Chubby Bird Fossil earrings; stretch beaded translucent red, gold, clear, and black beaded bracelet; and a sparkly red and gold beaded necklace from a handmade-jewelry show.

6. Ugh. It's apparently also one of those days where I'm unable to feel full....

7. This is ridiculous. I'm having some Fullbites. Might be a placebo effect, but at this point I'll try anything.

8. Sticker work in front of Tuesday night Office's no Gilmore, but it'll do!

9. Feeling lackluster all day, even though Ref work was minimal and my day got much better after the rough start. So my exercise was sub-par, and my eating was the opposite of conscientious.

10. That's depressing. Hal Sparks' Queer as Folk boyfriend was just in an Olive Garden commercial. YOU'RE TOO GOOD FOR THIS, BEN BRUCKER!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Monday LA LAAAAA LA LA LAAAAA so good to me

1. Burned 3462

2. Weirdly, energetically awake after about three hours' sleep last night. I'm going to start taking my Paxil during the day instead of right before bed...I feel like it may have an effect on how tough it is for me to get to sleep at a reasonable hour.

3. Wearing socks today after I'd given myself hope that I wouldn't have to for a long time. Booooo.

4. I HAVE TO GO TO THE COBBLER. There are shoe issues.

5. Wearing: Guess by Marciano perfume, and two stretch roughed-up rocky-bead bracelets, one in brick red, one in light-ish turquoise. My shirt has kind of an odd neckline and I didn't like how the millefiori necklace looked with it this morning. And my hair's down so I opted against earrings.

6. I also think I'm ready to try longer necklaces. I haven't found the perfect length yet though.

7. I'm sad to report that in my new quest to incorporate more jewelry in my life, I may be using many less charm bracelets. I love the idea of them, but they're not practical, and I don't think they're flattering either. It's a shame because this girl on Etsy sells little polymer clay reproductions of each Anne of Green Gables book on a charm bracelet, and I am DYING for it. (Eek! : ... Harry POTTERS?? ... LITTLE HOUSE?? ... THE FREAKING BABYSITTER'S CLUB?????!!!!! ... AUGHHHHHH!)
I think I should learn more about jewelry making because I just can't HANDLE a life without charms on things.

8. I don't think I have ever heard of a better name than Peverill Squire. He's a political scientist at MU and he looks exactly as his name implies he should.

9. MOBIUS conference registration opened up today. And, as usual: EH. And it's at the CoMO Executive Center. SO good-old-boy trashy.

10. Forgot to weigh in this morning. But my favorite work-pants fit me better than the last time I wore them (about two weeks ago), so I'm hopeful there's a difference.

11. Oh, awesome. Just got a message from A. (the reason for my high blood pressure) demanding that I was in the wrong for yesterday's conflict--just as I knew she'd spin it.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Eighty-degree Sunday!

1. Burned 3382....ALLLLmost. Better than most weekends, though!

2. I'm *seething* after having had to publicly defend my religious preferences on FB. (OK, I wasn't forced, but a friend who should have known better posted on my wall. It was followed by other religious-minded peoples' comments, and I got pissed.) Why, why, WHY can't people respect I have the right to believe what I choose, without their intervention??

3. [hours later...] I'm having trouble letting this go. I got a half-assed "didn't mean to offend" response, and I'm shaking mad right now. I have been for most of the day. I would never in a million years tell my religious friends my feelings about their beliefs, or try to steer them in another direction. And of course, she's now twisted it around to make it look like I'm the one out of line. grrrrrrrrrrrr.

4. At least the Cards won today.

5. Windy and 83 degrees outside tonight....feels like a fantastic summer night.

6. I took my baby to work tonight, then drove to Wal-M to get provisions for the week. I took both to and from routes through campus/downtown, and it was so great to see the streets alive, on a Sunday night, with students out for a stroll...flip flops and cups of frozen yogurt, just back from Spring Break to be welcomed by this glorious weather. I don't often wish I were back in school, but I was nostalgic for those times.

7. Okay, I deleted the string of posts. And I immediately felt like a weight had been lifted.

8. I played Plants vs. Zombies this weekend! Not really sure what all the fuss is about, except it's kind of funny.

9. Suddenly stormy outside at 11:30 Sunday night. The frogs outside are going crazy.

10. Thinking of coupon-clipping again, but I can't let my anal side gain too much control or I'll be obsessed over it.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

SPRINGY Saturday!

1. Burned 2806 calories...a very lazy day I tried to reverse in the last couple hours.

2. GORGEOUS today!! Neil got up early, then came in later to open the windows...what a lovely, albeit late, start to spring!

3. I slept for the first half of the night, quite by accident, on Neil's impossibly comfortable La-Z-Boy. I couldn't believe it when I woke up and saw that it was 4:47 AM!

4. Sad day for our pet bearded dragon Sean. He's been very listless and odd lately, and this morning Neil confirmed that he had left us. So we're petless, for the time being.

5. Is it shallow and bitchy of me to be hurt/offended when I give someone a gift and they don't return the action at the next major holiday, for me? I LOVE giving presents, and of course this doesn't include children or weddings or showers in general, but I feel like my effort is not appreciated when the favor isn't returned. I don't know....that makes me sound so selfish. It's totally complicated.

6. We tried Tasti D Lite after dinner....that's a big MEH. What's the fuss about?

7. We also tried "Love and Other Drugs." Fail, fail, FAIL. We wanted a sexy romantic comedy, not a movie about Parkinson's. Thanks anyway, Netflix.

8. I envy Charlotte's hair so hardcore. I keep trying to be boho-chic with layers and waves, but when it comes down to it, I want an all-one-length shiny bouncy ponytail that looks equally at home in a pastel sweater set with plaid knee-length skirt and a Ralph Lauren t-shirt with jeans.

9. I had hoped to be more productive today, but we were in a snuggly tickly mood and nothing much got done. I'll take it. :)

10. They are doing a musical of Catch Me If You Can? I am srsly not a fan of the movie-to-musical thang.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Chipperish Friday

1. Burned 3615 cals! Gettin' easier and easier...

2. Gucci Gucci perfume; Betsey big navy/white anchor necklace; Betsey blue sparkly flower drop earrings (ooh, on copper wire! cute!); bright enameled flower stretch bracelet with a silver and bright beady butterfly stretch bracelet.

3. The Waterlilies triptych is coming to Nelson-Atkins in like a WEEK! I am so thrilled to be able to see it again! When it was touring 30 years ago, we went and I apparently kept calling a woman in a wheelchair "HORSEY!"

4. Weekend plans: Sticker sorting; first Aldi trip ever; DBRL run; Guitar Hero with my best guy; storage unit trip.

5. I'm breaking some office rule by desk-dancing in a sleeveless shell. Don't tell a soul!

6. DBRL after work, then Gerbes to grab a cheap dinner and Michael's for a thick piece of foam board. (The display gave me shudders remembering junior-hi science fair projects...)

7. I'm too boring for ten items today. :)