Monday, July 1, 2013

Meme moods!

I'm feeling *sorta* writerish, but not enough to think of anything to say on my own.  So the memes continue!

Buzzingfeed again...

15 things I've done that maybe you haven't.

I've heard that 15 is hard.  And that even 10 is hard.  So we'll see how this goes.

1. Worked followspot for Merrily We Roll Along and Children of Eden.

2. Gone into the bowels of the Bodleian Library. 

3. Gone to a Cardinals game, as a die-hard Cardinals fan, specifically to see someone play on the opposing team.

4. Had a chocolate cake shake at Portillo's.  I mean, a lot of people have done that.  I just bet *you* haven't.

5. Got tipsy on butterscotch schnapps before a local community theatre performance of Rent.

6. Enjoyed Wuthering Heights in high school. And not when it was marketed as "Bella and Edward's favorite book!"

7. Never tried on my wedding dress before buying it.  Regret it totally.

8. Pickled my own sausages.  With disastrous results.  But still I DID IT!

9. Rode the Wonder Wheel.  Oh my god.  The SWINGING cars!  I can't believe it.  But as soon as we were done I wanted to do it again. [Okay, one of you has also done this. :)] I also rode Haunted Mansion and Pirates this year!  2013 is WILD!!!

10. Been fired from TGIFriday's for doing bad things. :)

11. Worked at Steak & Shake for three days total.

Okay.  Eleven is all I have in me today.

And a few Awesome/Not Awesomes...

AWESOME: That it is July 1, 2013 and NOT July 1, 2012.  And that it's not 100 degrees this time.

NOT AWESOME: That it has been raining every day here for like two months? Are we in the Amazon?

AWESOME: That I haven't gained weight in nine months.

NOT AWESOME: Haven't really lost much either, I don't think...

AWESOME: The fat juicy hot dogs sitting on the grill of a food cart I passed yesterday.

NOT AWESOME: The tiny Oscar Meyer I got when I ordered a hot dog with mustard at the same cart. :(

OOh, this one looks neat!

I Never... 
ride the subway without having something to read or do. Or elevators.  I love that a good chunk of painful and nearly crippling social anxiety has been so reduced by technology.
sing or dance anymore. That makes me sad.  But here, there is NO PLACE to do either, on one's own, without looking like a nutjob.

flirted with a stranger. I'm not much of a flirt.  I bet it's fun though.

I Rarely...
drink anymore.  Not for any reason, really.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that every beverage that comes into our house has to be carried at least half a mile. And my granny cart can only hold so much. So I opt for lemonade over Woodchuck. Not that there was a lot of drinking before. 

I Cry... 
at the drop of a freaking hat some days.

at announcements of engagements or pregnancies from those I love.

when i think of (or see) sick or broke pets.

I Am Not Always...
as negative/cynical as I say I am.  In fact, I rarely am. It's just easier to present this front instead of the real me, I think.

I Lose...
my driver's license often, apparently.  Twice since I had to order a whole new one a couple months ago.  I DO NOT WANT TO BECOME THIS PERSON.

my temper at work but no one knows. I'm sorry--temperature. :)

I'm Confused... 
by smart people who like The Simpsons.

by smart people who like Two and a Half Men.  I've never met any, though.

by Log Cabin-ers.

I Miss... 
the convenience of having a car (but not really anything else about it).

my family.

when Gilmore Girls made Tuesdays the best day of the week.

I Need... 
to stop reading this [non-Kindle] book I'm not liking and get rid of it.  I do not have room in my life for mediocre reading material. And it looked so fun, too.  :(

to drink more water.  We have recently vowed not to bring in large quantities (12-packs, 2 liters) of sugared soda into the house, so that should help.  I'll always drink water if it's the only thing available.

I Should...
not really be doing this right now. But I'm motivated to, so here I am.

do laundry oh my god the pile is so big

really try and consume at least some of my CSA share and not just the strawberries. But srsly bok choi whut? 

I Love...
where I live.  With every fiber of my being, I love it. For perhaps the first time in my life.

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Shannon said...

oh! i don't know if i count, but i like 2 and a half men. the old ones with charlie sheen. i've never seen the new ones. i'm decently smart, anyway. :). my husband likes it too. he's at least smart enough to marry me. :)