Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lately, I've been focusing more on the Now than on the Someday. It's just little things, like stopping doing something I used to like because it's turned into a chore and that I felt I had to finish.

Or, in the case of this blog, not going back to something I really want to do because of some silly notion that it's been too long...that I won't be good at it anymore...that no one is even around anymore to read it.
But you know...*I* will like reading it again.

I was never good at keeping a physical journal, and always envied those who were, even though I think I'd like doing it on a regular basis. I'm a non-writing writer. And despite my knack for remembering the piddliest of details about 7th grade science and why I was crying at the Drood cast party,  I know that the majority of my history is lost forever.
That makes me sad, but in reading past entries here, I can see that the very act of writing (usually to a prompt) made me dig up some of those lost memories I never thought I'd be able to relive.

I don't have a personal computer at the moment, which makes this a bit difficult. But I think I'd like to try again anyway. Both to remember the old and to take note of the present. This exciting, crazy, dream-come-true present of living in my favorite city in the world. Working a job I've wanted ever since I was a teenager (albeit in pretty unhealthy surroundings, currently). Visiting old friends I didn't know I'd get a chance to see again.  Seeing my family change and thrive even when I'm not living a mile and a half away from them!

I'm 36 today, and on the cusp of an exciting couple of weeks...Lindsay comes tomorrow for the weekend (we've been wanting to do NYC together for EVER!); Whitney, Kat, and I will have a NYU-reunion on Sunday night; I leave next Thursday for a weekend in Columbia, where I'll see Sarah and her not-new-anymore baby, Emily if the stars align, Steve as Joseph (a show I abhor but I'd do anything to hear him sing Close Every Door again), and of course Dad, Lil, and Gibbo. Oh, and gyros!

I cannot promise photos.  I leave that to the professionals and people who know how to transfer SD cards to iPhoto AND THEN to Blogger.  (Too many steps for me!  I only like to use one dish when I cook.) But I can say that I'd like to come back and share the experience.


Julina said...

Hey stranger - what am I going to do when google reader is no more and I have to remember to look up your blog to see if you've written anything?

Happy birthday, and sounds like life is chugging along for you. I wish you much happiness and many friends (and as many chances to see said friends as you can squeeze in).

Oh - and I'm totally with you on the journal thing. I'm terrible at it. One reason I never started a blog, because I'm pretty sure I would never keep up with it...

genevieve said...

Hey Juli! Nice to see you (and congratulations!!)!

I HATE that Google Reader is ending. I migrated all my feeds to "The Old Reader"--works much the same and I didn't have to do a lot to switch...just a couple steps to automatically bring all my existing feeds over.

LilBear said...

You do it, lady! I love your blogging and I am looking forward to hearing about all of your Big Apple adventures. Especially now that I can picture your house and your neighborhood! I'm working up the nerve to jump on board the blogging boat. The first post after an absence is always the hardest! You are nervier than you give yourself credit for.

Shannon said...

So glad you're back! I knwo I said I read newest to oldest before, but I apparently lied. I read newest and THEN oldest. god knows what I'll read next.